Rick Gentry has coached high school basketball for over 20 years.

  • Career Wins 573 to 199 Loses

  • 4 State Titles

  • 1 National Title

  • 14 District Titles

  • 6 Time Coach of the Year

  • 4 Final Four Appearances in Texas

  • 2 Time Texas All-Star Coach

  • Coached TCU Summer Basketball Camps

  • Coach of McDonalds All American Nominee

  • Athletic Director for Over 20 Years

  • Coached over 15 years of Shoot the Hoops with Coach G Basketball Camps


"All three of our children have been coached and mentored by Coach G. I highly recommend him. He has the ability to see the potential in young athletes and then draw it out. He is fantastic at developing basic skills, but what is even more impressive is his ability to develop a champions heart and attitude in young people. Our son won two state championships under Coach G's leadership." - Julie V. - Parent - Austin TX


"Get the most out of your game with Coach G. Rick Gentry has been teaching and coaching for 25 years and knows his stuff. I highly recommend his personal training and coaching sessions." - Luke Ridnour - NBA Point Guard for the Charlotte Hornets


"Coach Gentry helped me develop as a young man on and off the court. I had the privilege of playing for him for four years. In those four years I saw my game reach a level of maturity that I never expected to reach. He helped me expand my game and sharpen my skills. His confidence and competitive spirit rubbed off on my teammates as well as myself. In result, we were able to win championships and I was able to accomplish my goal by playing collegiate basketball." - Jevvon H. - Player - Lubbock, TX 


"If you're looking for a top notch program with Christian values, look no further than Coach G and the South Austin Warriors. He is a great coach and an even better man. His ability to train, teach and develop young men and women provides benefits far beyond the basketball court. There isnt a higher class program guy around." - Michael R. - President ATX Youth Academy, Inc. - Austin, TX


"Rick Gentry is a championship coach. He has lead numerous teams to state titles; his unique style motivates kids to improve their athletic skills and personal mindset for success on and off the court. Your child will have a great experience taking private lessons or attending one of his basketball camps. I highly recommend this opportunity for any young basketball player." - Doug A. - Parent - Austin, TX


"Rick is an incredible basketball coach. Not only does he know X's and O's but he has a wonderful way to work with young people. He definitely builds champions. I'm very proud of my son." - Dale G. - Breakout Prayer Network - Austin, TX


"Rick Gentry has a proven system for developing champions both on and off the court. He is great on fundamentals and inspires a winning attitude, and a great team first mentality. Under Coach G's leadership our school won 7 state championships in two years!" - Shaun W. - Coach - Roswell, NM


"Coach Gentry coached both my son and daughter and is one of the best coaches I have ever seen. My kids benefited greatly under his leadership." - Robert R. - Parent - Oklahoma City, OK


"As an opposing coach and now a mentor, Coach Gentry always amazes me with his wealth of basketball knowledge which is only matched by his character and passion to help our youth!" - Dustin K. - Coach - New Braunfels, TX


"Coach Gentry helped instill in me values like commitment, leadership, and accountability during the time I played for him. Along with my leadership values, my athletic skills were enhanced from the key guidance that he was able to give to me that eventually transferred over to the next level in college. Sports is a results oriented field and Coach G's results (career record) reflected standard of excellence." - Aaron H. - Player -Albuquerque, NM  


"I played for Rick and hands down he's a coach that will push you to be your best! He will show you how to use your strengths and help you build what you can improve on. He is about team, hustle, heart and having an overall good attitude! He is also able to relate to each player and meet them where they're at and speak to their potential and he has practical wisdom for every day life (both for parents and players). I have also watched him coach football and basketball and God has given him a gift that wherever he goes, he wins! He can take a team with no star players and make them champions! He is an amazing coach and a humble man of God. There is no doubt, he can take your child and help make him or her a better player but even more important than that; he can help them become better men and women of God off the court!" - Timothy H. - Family - Los Angeles, CA