Basketball Lessons

As a coach, my goal is to improve athletes skills and fundamentals. I coach all age groups and skill levels both male and female. I will evaluate you as a player, building on your strengths while focusing on your weaknesses. In a workout, I will give you the tools you need to become a better player for your team. Workouts are one hour long, costing $35 per player.  

In a lesson I will only have 2 - 4 players at a time. I have found that having two to four athletes in a lesson improves the overall performance of the other players. They have someone to compete, pass, shoot, and dribble with. If you want to have a private lesson with no other athletes present, the cost is $55 per hour. Items needed, water bottle and a basketball. It is suggested that each player stay with the program at least one lesson per week. Improvement happens with repetition, and practice. This will generate the best results.

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